A few of my favorite things.

I strive to have some form of consistency in my life and the one thing that I can always count on is what I buy at the store. I love Costco. It has 95% of what I need so I do almost all of my shopping there. I hit HEB for coconut milk, bacon, lunch meat, veggies and fruit that I can’t find at Coscto. If you are not already a member of Costco, I highly recommend it. They carry organic meat, poultry, eggs and certain organic veggies and fruit when they are in season. The quality of veggies and fruit is really good. It may not all be organic but that’s ok. I’d love to be 100% organic but our budget doesn’t allow for it so I buy what I can. No matter what, I always buy organic eggs, chicken and ground beef. Any other cuts of meat I buy are lean like sirloin. If you do end up with a cut of meat that is not grass-fed, just cut off the extra fat and don’t stress about it.

Here are some pictures of what I buy on a normal trip to the store. Some other things that aren’t pictured that you can get for a great price at Costco are almond butter, olives, artichoke hearts, maple syrup and nuts.

Veggies! Avocadoes (super cheap!), organic salad mix, baby bella mushrooms, celery, baby cucumbers (I’m going to make my own pickles.), English cucumbers and kale salad. I also buy asparagus, red bell peppers and brussell sprouts.


Protein! Rotisserie chicken, sirloin steak, organic eggs and organic ground beef. I also buy organic ground turkey and organic chicken thighs. They carry organic chicken breast but personally I think thighs have much more flavor.


More protein! Sausage and Canadian bacon.


Coconut oil. This giant jar is only $15.


Pure Irish grass-fed butter. Once you taste this butter, you’ll never go back to the regular stuff.


Chicken broth. Can’t beat this deal.


Now for the non-Costco items. Coconut milk and creamer. Always buy unsweetened.


Ostrim sticks. Little sticks of protein. These are the BEST go to snacks. I keep at least three of them in my purse or bag. We go through these like crazy so I order them in bulk from Amazon and it comes out to be about half of what you pay for them in the store. I order two kinds: the natural flavor which is a mix of ostrich and beef and the second on is a maple brown sugar turkey stick.


And last but not least, supplements. Here’s what I am currently taking. I’ll be adding in Advocare protein shakes in a couple of weeks.


That’s it! Happy fueling!


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