Let the lifting begin!

I did it! I have my CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification! I even did it with incredibly jacked up arms. I’m pretty sure that a CrossFit class is one of the few places I could have walked into with bruised and taped up arms and about half of the people there knew what it was from. I got a lot of “Oh yeah – you are doing that muscle scrapping thing, huh?” Yep.

Coach Mike Burgener put together this program to teach CrossFitters and CrossFit coaches how to properly execute and teach the snatch and the clean and jerk. Does this make me an expert at it? Absolutely not. Olympic lifts are so technical that you can’t learn everything you need to know in two days. I do know a ton more than I did before and I had a pretty good grasp on the moves going into the certification. I was so worried about my shoulders but it ended up being my knees that took the brunt. I swear we did no less than 600 squats over two days. It was exhausting. Six hours of snatches on Saturday and about an hour on Sunday and 4 hours of clean and jerks on Sunday. My legs were trashed by Monday.

I was really hoping that Coach B would be our instructor but he wasn’t. I’ve watched hours of his videos and I really wanted to be able to learn from the man himself. In his place was his son Cody who is an awesome Oly coach, Amy who is a member of Coach B’s staff and Ursula Graza Papandrene, who is one of the most respected women in Olympic lifting. She’s a local gal and coaches an Oly class at CF Round Rock. She is AWESOME. I think it’s so awesome to see women doing Oly lifts and to be coached for two days by one of the best was so empowering. This is from her website:

“I am a two-time senior national champion, two-time Olympic Festival champion, 5 time world team member (1992-1996), and former record holder in both  snatch (master’s) and clean and jerk.  I was an elite international athlete and am the first and only woman to attain USA Weightlifting’s highest coaching level, Senior International Coach aka Level 5.  I am one of only 24 such coaches in USA Weightlifting and the only Level 5 coach in Texas.”

I was in the front-row, right in front of her both days. I was ready to to be immersed in Oly lifting greatness. For two days we went over the same moves over and over, did squats way past parallel, pushed weight over our heads and came away completely exhausted by the end of the weekend. It was AWESOME!

I am super stoked about working with all of my clients on these moves! I also can’t wait until my shoulder is back to 100% so I can start working on some PRs. I’m almost there!

Now go lift something heavy!


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