Taking on the challenge.

I think that the summer has to be the the hardest time of the year to stick to a workout and eating program. Pool parties, vacations and trips to amusement parks are just a few of the things that seem to push workouts and clean eating to the back burner. In an effort to end the summer on an awesome healthy note, myself along with 6 of my clients and friends are taking on my Elevate program. Four of them have already done it before so they know how it’s going to go down. Everyone else has either started it at one time or been married to me so they are prepared. I’m really excited to do this along with my friends. Everyone needs someone to keep them accountable and knowing that I have to log my food and share it with everyone will definitely keep me in check.

I have an on-line version of the challenge for anyone who wants to do it but can’t make it to Kyle for the challenge workouts. You will get the Elevate Yourself 6-week challenge manual that includes 28 days of workouts, 28 days of meal planning, AdvoCare supplement recommendations, goal setting, guidance on what to do after the 28 days is over, accountability for workouts and food logs along with 28 days of motivational emails. This is great for anyone who is ready to start working out and eating healthy but doesn’t know where to start. Get together a few friends and take on the challenge together! Cost for the online version is $60. Email me for more info or if you are ready to get started!

Here’s to going beast mode for the next 28 days!


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