Blogging from the beach!

Right now, I am sitting outside our RV in an amazing RV Resort right ON THE BEACH in Destin, Florida. We took a very much needed vacation with some really good friends of ours and their 7 year-old daughter. We left Austin on Saturday at about 9:30 am and stopped in Lafayette, LA. OMG – we meet the most awesome people at the KOA campground. We stayed up drinking wine until after midnight with our neighbors. We also had some AMAZING cajun food.

We hit the road at about 10am to head to Florida. This is my first time out of Texas heading East and the scenery was so beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything greener and the swamps and bayous are so cool. We made it to Destin at about 5pm on Sunday. Pulled into our spot and ran straight down to the beach. I’ve been to some really pretty beaches in Mexico and let me tell you, the sand and water on this beach is second to none. It’s like sugar! And it’s in my teeth!

My friend Rae that I am traveling with is also a client of mine and hooked on CrossFit. When you travel with a client, be prepared to work out! We brought mats, a resistance band, 4 empty sand bags and one 25lb kettle bell. We were going to bring medicine balls and more kettle bells but we didn’t want to add too much extra weight to the RV.

We did a super quick partner WOD this morning on the beach after we got everything set up. 100 American swings, 100 sumo deadlift high pulls and 100 situps. Tomorrow will be much harder with our sandbags!!!

Here’s an awesome list of WODs you can do on vacation without any equipment. Courtesy of CrossFit Round Rock –

Here’s Rae killing it with the kettle bell!


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