May Elevate results are in!

The results from the May Elevate 6-week challenge are in and these ladies killed it! They gave it 100% and their hard work paid off. They feel great and are continuing on with their new, healthy lifestyle. Next session starts on July 21st! Contact me for more information or if you are ready to get started!

Sonya Himmerich started out in my boot camp class in March. She decided she wanted to take things to the next level so she signed up for group classes in April and took on the challenge in May. She is a machine and brings it all when she comes to class. I’m so proud of how far she has come. Sonya lost 4.2lbs, 10.5 inches total that includes 2 inches off of each arm and 2 inches off her waist!


Lisa Tirk started group classes along with boot camp in April. She works her butt off when she comes to class. When she took on the challenge, you could see results happening almost immediately. She was made for this! I’m excited to see her grow to be stronger and healthier than ever! Lisa lost 13lbs, went from 26 jumping pull ups in one minute to 40 in one minute and increased her sit ups from 23 in one minute to 27! She’s a rock star!


I can’t work out for how long?!

There’s nothing quite like an injury to get you discouraged. Right now, I have a few athletes out dealing with injuries and I am trying to keep them motivated and keep them from getting discouraged. Ladies – you know who you are and each one of you is an ATHLETE.

Here’s my take on injuries and if anyone out there has anything to add to it, I’d love to hear it. A few things can happen when you get injured and I think a lot of it depends on where you are at mentally and physically when it happens. First, you get discouraged when you hear you have to take a break from working out. This is particularly hard to hear especially if you are on a roll and are seeing results. A few thoughts that went through my mind when I knew I had to take 8 weeks off and then ease VERY slowly back into training: “I’m going to lose everything that I’ve done.” “I’m going to gain all my weight back.” “I’ll be starting over from square one.” Once that emotion passed, then next one set in: FEAR. “What if the surgery doesn’t work and I can’t ever do CrossFit again?” “What if I hurt myself again?” A couple of things can happen at this stage. You can say screw it. Getting hurt again isn’t worth it so I’m done. The other choice you have is to work through your injury, do everything your doctor says and get back in the game as soon as you can and not let the fear rule you.

I had only been doing CrossFit for 3 months before my knees took me down. Because of the transformation that was happening to me mentally and physically, I made the decision to take whatever measures I needed to in order to get back in the game. My head was in the right place. I still didn’t think of myself as an athlete but I knew I would be one someday and bad knees were not going to stop me.

I am one for pushing the limits. All the time. I think every athlete out there who continues to grow, pushes the limits. I have pushed myself harder than I should have more than once but how else was I supposed to know how far I could go? You can tell me all day long that I won’t ever be able to squat more than 100lbs but until I try to do 105lbs, I don’t believe you. I was born with jacked up knees so I knew exactly what I could and couldn’t do. But now that I was having them fixed – GAME ON. The sky is the limit. I drank the Kool-Aid that is CrossFit and there was no looking back. Those limits were meant to be pushed. The squat rack was screaming my name.

Show me an athlete – any athlete – professional or amateur who hasn’t been injured at least once. My question to you is would you rather be that athlete who got hurt doing something you really enjoy, that is good for you and making you stronger for life or would you rather be that person who was injured because of what they weren’t doing. That person who hurt their back lifting something because of a weak core? How about that person who can’t keep up with their kids because their knees hurt because they haven’t taken care of them? CrossFit isn’t for everyone but there is something out there for everyone. Just get up and move and don’t be afraid to get hurt. If you are taking care of an injury, get your MIND right and get back in the game. Don’t stop working out because of one injury. KEEP MOVING. My 8 weeks of downtime didn’t mean sitting on the couch the entire time. I did upper body work, I rode the bike very slowly and I walked on the treadmill. I kept moving. I showed up 15 minutes early to my personal training sessions so I could get on the rower and get my knees warmed up. The longer you sit out, the harder it is to get back in. As much as my body said NO, my mind said YES, you can do this.

Never forget that you are strong, you are amazing and you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. So get out there and get you some!

A little snipit from my vision board.

Bring on the fun!

As school was coming to an end for my daughter and my son was in his last couple of weeks at his preschool, I started to freak out. What am I going to do with these kids ALL SUMMER LONG and keep my sanity. My time that I had to myself each morning was slowing fading away. I love peace and quiet and it was about to be a thing of the past.

For as long as I can remember, right around the beginning of May, I would wish that I could spend the summer with my kids and not be stuck at work. I think I wished for this so many times and pictured in my mind how awesome it would be that it actually came true. I put it out there and The Universe answered. So here we are. We are through the first week of summer, we are doing ok and I haven’t had to tap into the Xanax. Kidding. I’d be crazy to think that there won’t be extremely challenging days or even just mildly challenging days especially with a 3-year old son and a dramatic 8-year old daughter. Today we put together a calendar of the things we are going to do each week to hopefully lessen those challenging days. We have a brand new library in Kyle so we are going to be heading there twice a week for science time and summer reading group for Kylie and story time for Preston. Once a week Kylie is going to do summer camp at the gym where she is on the gymnastics team. She has team practice twice a week for three hours each day so that takes up two afternoons. The rest of the time will be spent at our neighborhood pool, our backyard with our own big blow up pool and my chaise lounge and trips here and there to places like the Austin Zoo and Zilker Park.

In reality, this calendar is more for me than it is for anyone else. I have a very difficult time separating myself from things that I think need to get done but can really wait from the things that have to get done. Because of this, I find myself having less time to do things that really do matter like spending quality time with my kids and time for myself. The calendar is going to hold me accountable for having a good time! My goal right now is to look back on this summer and say we had a great time and that I can’t wait for next summer.

I moved all of my afternoon classes to early morning so between training others and my own personal training, my days are free after 10am! Yay me! I have no complaints about the way that has turned out. I’ve even adapted pretty well at getting up at 4:15 in the morning. Never thought I’d see that day!

Here’s to an awesome summer! I hope your days are filled with fun too!

Meisha has the right idea!