In the moment.

Ever have one of those moments when everything is just right and you realize it? I think we realize things aren’t right when something goes wrong. We don’t take the time to be grateful or appreciate them when they are going right.

Everything just really came together this week. I realized how great it was when I walked outside to my car last night and looked up at the sky. I’m pretty sure I even said “wow” when I saw all the stars and planets. I stood there and stared at the sky and the planets and it just blew my mind. We can see other PLANETS! That is just crazy! I’ve always been fascinated with space and I plan on making it up there before I die. I remember the first time I saw the Milky Way. I was living in Cloudcroft, New Mexico with my parents. Cloudcroft is a tiny little town up in the mountains and the night sky is unbelievable. I was standing outside with my dad looking up at the sky and I asked him, “Are those clouds?” He looked at me and said, “Those aren’t clouds. That’s the Milky Way.” You could see so many stars that it like a smear of stars all across the sky. I miss those times I had with my dad. I know that when I am looking at the stars, he is looking with me.

After staring at the sky for a little while, I got into my car to go pick up Kylie from gymnastics. Every couple of weeks her gym has Friday Night Fun. You drop the kids off at 7, they get pizza, play games, do tons of gymnastics and you pick them up at 11. It’s awesome. I was pointing out the planets while we were walking back to the car and she thought it was the coolest thing. I told her about how you could see a million stars in New Mexico and she asked when we were going because she wants to see it too. I told her some day soon. We stood in the backyard when we got home and just stared at the sky. She told me that she could stare at the sky forever. That made my heart happy.

While I was driving I was thinking about the week. We did some killer workouts and everyone kicked butt. One of my clients beat my score by one round on a workout and I am so happy for her. Everyone else was only one or two rounds behind her. It makes me so happy to see them getting stronger and faster. Their hard work is paying off and they are seeing the results.  This makes me work even harder on myself to become faster and stronger. The motivation that I have in my little garage gym is HUGE.

I have two new clients that signed on this week. That’s two more people on their way to be healthier and stronger! I love that!

Preston had his tonsils out on Thursday and everything went great. I hate seeing him feeling so crummy but one week of downtime is so much better than rounds and rounds of strep throat and drugs. I’m glad that we had it done now so that he’ll be ready to go when the pool opens in a couple of weeks. Kylie has been great through all of this. She is ok with not eating certain things right now because she doesn’t want him to feel bad since he can’t eat them. She even gave him one of her favorite stuffed animals to help make him feel better. She is such a sweetheart.

Sean, of course, has been awesome. He is crazy busy at work and he manages to keep it all together.

I think that’s it for now. I’m going to go enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of dark chocolate. Remember to take a deep breath and be in the moment.


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