The secret to happiness is an organized pantry.

Out of all the rooms in my house, I think I spend the most time in my kitchen and my pantry. It drives me nuts to have a dirty kitchen and a messy, unorganized pantry so I decided to spend some time last week cleaning out and organizing the pantry.

When I made the switch to paleo last year, I threw out a TON of stuff. Better in the trash than on my ass was my motto. I found a bunch of stuff this time around that I should have tossed but didn’t. I think I kept some of this stuff around because it was like holding onto a piece of me that I wasn’t ready to let go of yet. A bag of Halloween candy was the biggest offender I came across. I also tossed a bunch of old spices, canned stuff that had expired and a bunch of old soup.

I organized my spice shelf and it’s so awesome! It’s my biggest shelf and I love it. All of my oils and vinegars are together, healthy snacks are together, canned goods like tomatoes, olives and coconut milk are together and all of my baking stuff is together. It’s so nice to walk in and get exactly what I need quickly because I can find it!

Take some time to get yourself organized and you will be amazed at how great it will make you feel! It can be anything in your house – your sock drawer, fridge, desk drawer, junk drawer, etc. If you are feeling overwhelmed by it, take one shelf at a time or one drawer at at time. I find that once I start, I can’t stop!

Here’s to decluttering our lives one shelf at a time.

Before and after pictures of the pantry.

And after!




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