What price would you pay to look better?

I cleaned out my drawers on Saturday and had a moment when I realized how many body shapers I owned. That pile of shapers in that picture all belong to me. Belly shapers, butt lifters, thigh smoothers, Spanx, Jockey, Flexees, ShaToBu, you name it, I have it. Let’s think about those words for a minute and what they mean: body shaper. A piece of clothing that you use to shape your body differently than what it already is. You squeeze into this piece of clothing and it smooths out your rough or problem spots and your clothes fit and look better. Sounded pretty good to me. Some of these suckers are so freaking tight that they are really uncomfortable not to mention that if they happen to get out of place, you are cutting of circulation to some pretty important body parts. Spanx was created by a woman who wanted her clothes to look better so she came up with this idea on how to create a smoother look. Pretty genius and I’m pretty sure she is a billionaire by now. Everyone wants to look better in their clothes, right? I’m all for looking better but not for temporary fixes. The reason I have so many different types of shapers says something about me. I was looking for something to give me that perfect body. I’ve always thought my problems areas were my stomach and my thighs. I needed to flatten my stomach, lift my butt and make my thighs thinner. If I had only known then that lunges, squats and situps would do all of that for me and they are FREE! One of my goals was to never have to wear Spanx or the like again. As I was looking at the pile of shapers and realized that I had probably spent well over $300 on those things (for you dudes, those things can cost up to $100 each), I thought about how many extra personal training sessions I could have had instead of those shapers. They are a temporary fix for a bigger problem. I liked the way I looked when I wore them but hated my body when I took them off. So ladies and guys too because there is now Spanx for men, the next time you are trying to find something to help you fit into your clothes, consider spending that money on a trainer, classes at your local CrossFit gym or joining your local Y. You can even start doing those lunges, squats and situps and save your money for that pair of new jeans of swim suit you have had your eye on. Take back the power of body shapers and use it to your advantage!


2 thoughts on “What price would you pay to look better?

  1. I agree….I want to not NEED Spanx….or any other body shaper. They may make you look better in your clothes….but only eating right and hard work (i.e. working out, lifting, etc.) will make you look good naked. And isn’t that the ultimate goal? 🙂

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