Time management and patience.

These are two things that I really need to improve on. Pisces are not known for their organizational skills or their ability to prioritize things. I blame it on my birth sign. When I get really unorganized, my patience with everything goes out the window. Up until this week, I pretty much had a full day to get everything done that needed to get done and that included personal training sessions, boot camp classes and freelance design projects. Looking back, I was really, really lucky. Then my world was turned upside down. We decided to switch Preston to half-days at his preschool to save some money. Budgets have been slashed in this household until my business is rockin’ and rollin’. It’s a good thing I wear workout clothes to the office everyday or I’d be having a major shopping withdrawl. Now I have exactly FOUR hours in the morning to get everything done that absolutely has to get done that day. An afternoon with a three year old is subject to all kinds of madness so I’m not taking any chances on putting things off. Now I have to plan my day like a responsible adult.

When I was working in advertising, I had traffic managers who told me exactly what had to get done and when it was due. I had schedules made for me so I never missed a thing. I loved my traffic managers. They were lifesavers. I need them now. In order to try and do this and not have a panic attack, I’ve resorted to a whiteboard calendar. I’ve always resisted the calendar because I’ve been able to remember everything that I’m doing. I felt it took more time to write it down that I had to spend. Occasionally I would check Sean’s calendar to see what he had going on but that’s about it. Everything is on a schedule now. Sheets and towels get washed on Wednesdays. Bathrooms cleaned on Thursdays. The only thing that has happened on schedule so far is one set of sheets made into the wash, into the dryer and back onto the bed. I have yet to embrace the power of the calendar. I find it very difficult to focus on one thing when it comes to getting stuff done in the house so I hope that the calendar can help me. It takes my entire being to clean one room before moving onto something else. For example, if I am cleaning the bedroom and there is a glass of water that needs to go into the kitchen, I will take it to the kitchen and while I am in the kitchen I will see something that needs to be put away. I’ll put it in the fridge and notice that there are some containers of food that are old so I’ll take them out. Next thing I know I am cleaning the fridge and kitchen and I haven’t finished the bedroom.

In order to make sure I get at least one thing done everyday, I’ve started making the bed each morning. I used to have to make my bed when I was a kid every morning and I get why, but I think that’s why I resisted doing it as an adult. I’m going to prioritize my day with the most important thing gets done first and I work my way down the list. Right now, the most important thing is my own training. In order to make sure I am getting this done, I’m going to get it done at 5am before anyone else is up. Nothing stresses me out more than making my way through my day with my workout looming over my head.

This brings me to patience. My kids have been driving me crazy lately and I have no patience left. I am really happy that I am able to spend more time with them these days but MY GOD, they are still driving me crazy. I swear some days I feel like I have lost all control. A 3-year old boy and an 8-year old girl makes for nonstop drama. I figure if I can get my day scheduled, stay on schedule and not stress out if I get off schedule, I might have some more patience. I’m pretty much open to trying anything at this point. Xanax is already an option but I save those for the really crazy days. I’m sure my kids and Sean would enjoy the relaxed version of me more than the freaking out, stress ball, head exploding version of me. I just have to put it all into perspective. Not getting the laundry done on schedule is quite alright if it means I’m getting to spend more time with my kids. I just have to tell myself that when I start to wig out about things not getting done. It’s just laundry.

For everyone that is struggling with the same thing, hang in there. We are all in this together.



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