Motivation. Inspiration. Drive. Goals.

I love it that I motivate people. It humbles me greatly. I am grateful daily for this. Being inspired and finding the motivation to fuel the drive can sometimes be really, really challenging. One of my biggest challenges I have right now is training myself. If you are a coach at a CrossFit box, you usually have a coach’s workout. This is great because you have people to help you perfect your form and give you ideas on different ways of coaching. When I was working with my trainer, I was really motivated. I knew that I was going to get a kick ass workout, release some stress and learn some new skills. Now that I am a trainer myself, I have to make sure that I kick my own ass every day. So where do I find my motivation and inspiration? From other trainers that I follow and my clients. More than anything, my clients inspire me to be the best that I can be. They show up and give it 100%. I expect nothing less from them. When I train, I show up and give it 100%. How can I ask it from them if I don’t do it myself? I need to be the example. That also means admitting when I have a bad workout day, admitting when I eat a bunch of crap that I know is bad for me and admitting that sometimes I just don’t freaking feel like working out. Everyone has days like that and no one is perfect and that is perfectly ok.

I recently started training my cousin. She has been through some extremely rough times. She beat breast cancer and not just any breast cancer. A really rare type of cancer so she went through a year of massive amounts of chemo. She’s been cancer free for a year. Woop! In September, her daughter lost her fiance. In October, my cousin lost her daughter. This was so hard. She was like a little sister to me. Some people really do die from a broken heart. She is now guardian to her 1-year old granddaughter. After all this, her son was in a terrible car accident on New Year’s day and is in a wheelchair for the next three months. Thank GOD he is alive. AND she has two other kids to take care of on top of all of this. She is the most amazing woman I know. She has so much on her shoulders right now and she keeps plowing through all of it. Even when she is in her darkest hour, she is still thinking about others. She inspires me to never stop. Never give up. I am so grateful that she has put her trust in me to help her get to her best self and help her start to take care of her. We need her to be around for a long, long time. I’m pretty sure the world would crumble if she wasn’t here to hold it up.

I’ve really stepped up my training and found this crazy drive to do it everyday. I actually passed up going to Costco today so I could get home and workout. I love Costco. A lot. I’ve been training pretty consistently since November and was definitely seeing results, especially in my strength. I started the Whole30 challenge two weeks ago and holy smokes! Talk about a change in my body. I’m seeing definition in my legs that I have only imagined. I took ‘before’ pictures and measurements when I started and I’m going to post those along with my after pictures when this is done. My muscle definition is my drive these days.

I have a lot of them but one goal for the moment: To never wear Spanx again. Almost there!


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