A very special thank you.

This is for my amazing husband, Sean. He took such awesome care of me when I had my knee surgery so he deserves a special shot out. If you know me, I don’t ask for help. I have the “I can do it all myself” syndrome. Shocking! Sean went with me to my pre-op meeting with my doctor and I’m so thankful he did. I seriously thought that I was going to drive myself to my follow-up and physical therapy appointment that was scheduled two days after surgery. I was thinking, “How bad can this surgery REALLY be?” The fact that I was going to be on massive doses of pain meds never even crossed my mind.

Sean worked from home the week of my surgery so he could be here if I needed anything. He cooked the entire week, gave the kids their baths and got everyone where they needed to be. He was awesome. He continued to give the kids their baths until I could bend my knees enough to sit in a little chair next to the tub.

He also made sure I got up and walked when I needed to and that I stopped walking when I was supposed to. Going from 100 to 0 was so hard for me. I was working out with my trainer up until right before my surgery. After about day 3 on the couch, I was done.

I knew I had found a great guy when I found Sean. He proves it to me more and more every day. I love you!


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