This is where the action is.

Our living room used to double as our workout room. Dumbbells and medicine balls were out on display like Sean’s photography is. When I decided to take on this training gig, it was time to clean out the garage. About 7 or 8 years ago, Sean built a small darkroom out in the garage. Before we could get all the equipment set up, he went digital. Said darkroom became the storage room. When we started to clean out the garage, I only needed a small space to train. Everything that was in my space went straight into the dark/storage room. It worked well for awhile. I could train two people at a time. It was tight but it worked. The only downfall was that when you were doing squats, you were staring at gardening tools and screwdrivers hanging on the wall. Time for a serious build out. Most everything that was in the dark/storage that was worth keeping went up into the attic. I credit CrossFit for my ability to carry all that stuff up the ladder myself and store it. The majority of the stuff is in the big plastic storage bins. Olympic lifts really work! Go me! The walls of the darkroom came down and a half-wall went up. I was kind of bummed that we didn’t get to tear down the walls. I wanted to go at it with a sledgehammer but we re-purposed the wood to build the new wall. I took over 3/4 of the garage and Sean was very gracious about it. With the set up I have now, I can get 4 people in there and it’s not too bad. Once we put up the pull-up bars and get a few more mats, I should be able to have 6 at a time. If I end up with more than that, well, we just may have to open a gym. Here’s hoping that we do!

What a mess!

What a difference.

It’s finally a gym.

My wall of words and inspiration. I love chalkboard paint.

WOD board. Multiple WODs happening right now.



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