Running and Kettle Bells

It’s been about a year since I ran any farther than around my block. My messed up knees kept me from doing any type of long runs. Look for my post tomorrow on what was up with my knees and how they were fixed. Pretty crazy stuff. There was no way I could stay inside yesterday with such gorgeous weather outside so I decided to give running a shot. Our neighborhood is great for running. Small hills and a really nice trail that goes around our little lakes. I’m not much for trail running because I always get rocks in my shoes. The minute I hit the trail I get a rock so I stick to the streets. I started out walking and then started jogging. I felt great so I kept on going. I only took about three breaks and I walked about a half a block on my breaks. The total distance was 2.2 miles. I’m pretty impressed with myself! I’m going to do a 5k in February so I’m pretty confident that I can run the majority of it. One of the biggest problems I had, besides my knees, previous to doing CrossFit, were my really weak hips. I can say with confidence that all of the squats, lunges and dead lifts that I have done have really strengthened my hips and helped my ability to run. I love squats and dead lifts. Lunges, not so much.

Here’s my workout for today. I love kettle bells so I did a KB workout. I started with a 25# bell and by the third round I felt like I wasn’t challenged enough so I moved up to 30#. That did the trick! Try it and have fun with it!

5 rounds for time
10 overhead swings
10 sumo dead lift high pull
10 push press
10 squats
10 cleans each arm

Strength training
3 sets of 5 front squat with 45# bar. My butt is pretty sore from running so I went light on this one.



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