What’s for dinner?

That is the question that gives me the most pain. I mean, we eat meat, fish, veggies and fruit. How hard can it be to come up with a new and exciting dinner each and every night that your family will love? Especially your kids. When we (me) decided to go Paleo, I got some moans and groans from the family but they eventually came around. Milk had already been cut out because of my son’s eczema so that was an easy one. We are by no means at 100% hard-core Paleo family. My kids still eat pizza at school every Friday and the occasional Sunday when we realize it’s 5pm and we haven’t even thought about dinner. Mac n cheese is still in our pantry. Organic of course. I can say that they do know that the reason we eat the way we do is because it is healthy and good for our bodies. When they see a McDonald’s commercial they say, “Ewww.” I love that. Because my kids were my hardest converts, I make dinner exciting for them. The look on their faces when I handed them tacos in lettuce leaves was priceless. After I told them that they were still crunchy without being greasy and they could eat even more, they were sold. I am still trying to find organic corn tortillas. I know corn is a grain but sometimes you just have to have a real taco. My daughter loves to have dinner parties so candles and low light always make food more exciting!

Here’s what we are having for dinner this week if everything goes as planned. Maybe you all can take away some of these recipes and try them out.

I made pulled pork in the crock pot about a month ago and ended up with a ton of it so I froze half the batch. It was so easy. I always thought pulled pork was this huge undertaking. Get a pork roast, butt or shoulder – it doesn’t matter. Poke a bunch of holes in it. Stuff the holes with garlic cloves. Put it in the crock pot with a couple of cups of chicken stock. Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Shred and eat. Easy peasy. I defrosted it tonight and we had carnitas. I used big lettuce leaves for the shells and topped the pork with avocado, onion, cilantro and pineapple. So delicious but I should have eaten a lot more because now I am starving. Time for a snack.

I have some really nice t-bone steaks that are begging to be grilled. I’ll pair them with some roasted veggies. Probably zucchini, red onion, red bell pepper, sweet potatoes and broccoli. This is super easy too. Crank your oven up to about 425. Slice your veggies, toss with some olive oil and sea salt. Roast for about 30 minutes or until they have a nice little char on them. Tasty. I always make a ton of these because they are really good the next day on a tossed salad.

Crock pot lemon chicken from my favorite site – The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate. I’ve never made this before but it looks delicious. I’m thinking some cauliflower mashers would be awesome with this. These are also so easy. Cut up your cauliflower into small pieces. Put it in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Boil until pieces are tender. While this is happening, clarify about 2tbs of butter. To do this all you need to do is melt the butter and when the foam from the butter forms, spoon it out and you are left with amazing clarified butter. Add in a clove of minced garlic and about 1/3 cup of coconut milk to the butter. Make sure your coconut milk is from the can and not the carton. The carton stuff is still good but it has water added to it so you will end up with runny mashers. Bring this to a boil, reduce to a simmer for about 5 minutes. Drain the cauliflower and and put into your food processor. Blend until smooth and then add your coconut milk/butter/garlic awesomeness in small amounts at a time. Blend until you get the consistency you like. Season with salt and pepper. These are so good that my kids eat them knowing it’s cauliflower.

I’m counting on having some left over chicken so it will either be tacos or maybe some chicken soup. I think a cold front is coming through so I’ll probably go with the soup. Homemade chicken soup is extremely easy. Noticing a trend? Dice up an onion, a couple of carrots and some celery. Saute it in a little bit of coconut oil until the onions begin to soften. Add in 4-6 cups of chicken stock and shredded or cubed chicken from the night before. Simmer and season as needed. Depending on how much salt your stock has, you’ll probably need to add some salt and pepper for sure. A bay leaf will add some nice flavor too. Just make sure to take it out before you serve your soup. I’ve heard eating one of those can be bad news.

Open faced grass-fed burgers on a portabello bun. This recipe calls for turkey but I’m a bigger fan of beef. YUM. I may even add some bacon to this. Oven baked sweet potato fries for a side.

If you are craving something sweet, here’s a really tasty recipe for Paleo banana bread. I’ve made it several times and it is so good!

That’s it for now. Happy eating!



Saturday bootcamp workout and weekly training.

I’m not sure why I was all about the 100 reps this week. Weird because it’s not usually what I like. Lifting weights is my preference and after looking at my training for the week, I totally skipped that part. No wonder I didn’t feel like taking a rest day today.

Hell’a Hundreds
100 burpees for time (11:20 a PR for me!)
100 wall ball sit ups with straight legs – 10# medicine ball
100 air squats

Rest day

100 pull ups – (Modified with jumping. Kipping or using a band is impossible in my doorway.)
100 push ups (modified with knees)
100 sit ups
100 squats
Time: 23:03

dips, squats with 100 jump ropes after each set

Easy jog around the lake

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 20 minutes. My score: 13 rounds
5 pull ups (Modified with jumping. Kipping or using a band is impossible in my doorway.)

Here’s the boot camp WOD that the girls did on Thursday and this morning.

Motivation. Inspiration. Drive. Goals.

I love it that I motivate people. It humbles me greatly. I am grateful daily for this. Being inspired and finding the motivation to fuel the drive can sometimes be really, really challenging. One of my biggest challenges I have right now is training myself. If you are a coach at a CrossFit box, you usually have a coach’s workout. This is great because you have people to help you perfect your form and give you ideas on different ways of coaching. When I was working with my trainer, I was really motivated. I knew that I was going to get a kick ass workout, release some stress and learn some new skills. Now that I am a trainer myself, I have to make sure that I kick my own ass every day. So where do I find my motivation and inspiration? From other trainers that I follow and my clients. More than anything, my clients inspire me to be the best that I can be. They show up and give it 100%. I expect nothing less from them. When I train, I show up and give it 100%. How can I ask it from them if I don’t do it myself? I need to be the example. That also means admitting when I have a bad workout day, admitting when I eat a bunch of crap that I know is bad for me and admitting that sometimes I just don’t freaking feel like working out. Everyone has days like that and no one is perfect and that is perfectly ok.

I recently started training my cousin. She has been through some extremely rough times. She beat breast cancer and not just any breast cancer. A really rare type of cancer so she went through a year of massive amounts of chemo. She’s been cancer free for a year. Woop! In September, her daughter lost her fiance. In October, my cousin lost her daughter. This was so hard. She was like a little sister to me. Some people really do die from a broken heart. She is now guardian to her 1-year old granddaughter. After all this, her son was in a terrible car accident on New Year’s day and is in a wheelchair for the next three months. Thank GOD he is alive. AND she has two other kids to take care of on top of all of this. She is the most amazing woman I know. She has so much on her shoulders right now and she keeps plowing through all of it. Even when she is in her darkest hour, she is still thinking about others. She inspires me to never stop. Never give up. I am so grateful that she has put her trust in me to help her get to her best self and help her start to take care of her. We need her to be around for a long, long time. I’m pretty sure the world would crumble if she wasn’t here to hold it up.

I’ve really stepped up my training and found this crazy drive to do it everyday. I actually passed up going to Costco today so I could get home and workout. I love Costco. A lot. I’ve been training pretty consistently since November and was definitely seeing results, especially in my strength. I started the Whole30 challenge two weeks ago and holy smokes! Talk about a change in my body. I’m seeing definition in my legs that I have only imagined. I took ‘before’ pictures and measurements when I started and I’m going to post those along with my after pictures when this is done. My muscle definition is my drive these days.

I have a lot of them but one goal for the moment: To never wear Spanx again. Almost there!

2 things.

Two things that make me happy right now are my leg warmers and my Converse. I was a dancer when I was a kid and I loved my leg warmers. Loved the holes in them, loved that I could wear them to dance and with my outfit during the day. Child of the 80’s here. I was so happy when I saw them in stores again and even more excited when I could justify once again, wearing them. My garage is freezing in the morning so they definitely help out. As far as the Converse go, that goes back to the ugly brown shoes. Mymom still hates it that I wear Converse because there is absolutely no support. She is still in corrective shoe mode. I just love them because they are comfy, simple and pretty cool.

Now go enjoy the things that make you happy!


Fear. That’s a mighty big word with A LOT of power. Way back when, back in the dark, dark days of my life, I had a lot of fear. I was in a horrible relationship that was mentally and physically abusive. I was afraid to leave because that would mean I failed at “making him love me” and I was afraid plenty of times that I was going to die. Then I had an “a-ha” moment. I was watching the movie “Defending Your Life”. Two people with no connection to each other whatsoever, die at the same time. They are going before God or a higher-power, it’s never really said, to basically defend their life and prove that they are worthy of moving on to the next level or if they need to go back to earth and prove themselves with more good deeds. They sit and watch a movie of their life and all the major things that have happened to them and explain why they did or didn’t do something. The woman, played by Meryl Streep (LOVE her), didn’t think twice about doing anything. She ran back into her burning house to save her kittens, she always asked for what she deserved, etc. The man, Albert Brooks, was always afraid. Never stood up for himself or what he believed in. For some reason, this really resonated with me. What the hell was I doing sitting around doing nothing for myself? Screw this! I said “screw you” and left. I packed up my stuff, moved back home to El Paso for a short time and then headed to Austin. I swore after that, I would never left fear rule any part of me again. That was before I discovered CrossFit. No lie.

I was pretty much fear-free for about 14 years. It was a good run. I mean, I had some apprehensions about things but never flat out, heart racing, stomach in knots fear. I remember my first training session with my coach. I was freaking out. I thought I was going to pass out at one point. I was texting my friend Kerri and she was giving me moral support via text messages. I kept telling myself over and over throughout the workout, “I can do this. I can do this.” I made it through the workout and I didn’t die. Almost threw up a couple of times but didn’t pass out or die. This is when I decided that fear could be a good thing. I want to be a little afraid of each workout I do. Those butterflies in my stomach and when my heart is racing tells me that I’m about to do something amazing. I tell my clients that I want them to come to each session and each boot camp feeling just a little nervous about what is going to happen. They come in with butterflies and leave with a huge sense of accomplishment. That is the beauty of CrossFit – it prepares you for the unexpected.

I put myself on a 5 day on 2 day off training schedule to push myself to the next level. I missed yesterday’s workout because I felt horrible so I felt I needed to make up for it today. Meet Angie. There are a number of workouts known as “the girls”. These benchmark workouts were originally named after hurricanes. Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit said, “I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a female’s name. Workouts are just like storms, they wreak havoc on towns.” Angie is 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats for time. My arms were still screaming from my workout on Monday so I modified but I was determined to do this workout. I did jumping pull-ups and knee push-ups. After I decided yesterday that I was going to do this workout, I worried about it last night and all day today until I did it. I even had a dream about doing a WOD. I was just a little afraid. I set a goal to do it in 20 minutes or less and I missed it by 3 minutes. My time was 23:03. I’m totally cool with that because I conquered my fear and did it!

Fear is now my motivator. BRING IT.

Bootcamp WODs

Here’s a collection of some of my boot camp workouts. I’ll be adding new ones each week. All of these can be done in your local park so give them a shot!

This was WAY too easy so the next time I did it, I started them at 20 and added medicine ball ab work at the end.

One of my clients who hates to work out said that this was an awesome workout. Quite the compliment!

This was a killer workout. I’ll be repeating this one for sure.

I think the second part of the workout was harder than the first or maybe everyone was just REALLY tired!

Backward walking lunges with a pvc pipe held overhead = screaming legs.

The walking lunges with a 10lb sand filled pvc piper were pretty killer. I felt it for days in my thighs.

A very special thank you.

This is for my amazing husband, Sean. He took such awesome care of me when I had my knee surgery so he deserves a special shot out. If you know me, I don’t ask for help. I have the “I can do it all myself” syndrome. Shocking! Sean went with me to my pre-op meeting with my doctor and I’m so thankful he did. I seriously thought that I was going to drive myself to my follow-up and physical therapy appointment that was scheduled two days after surgery. I was thinking, “How bad can this surgery REALLY be?” The fact that I was going to be on massive doses of pain meds never even crossed my mind.

Sean worked from home the week of my surgery so he could be here if I needed anything. He cooked the entire week, gave the kids their baths and got everyone where they needed to be. He was awesome. He continued to give the kids their baths until I could bend my knees enough to sit in a little chair next to the tub.

He also made sure I got up and walked when I needed to and that I stopped walking when I was supposed to. Going from 100 to 0 was so hard for me. I was working out with my trainer up until right before my surgery. After about day 3 on the couch, I was done.

I knew I had found a great guy when I found Sean. He proves it to me more and more every day. I love you!